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The intuitive interface allows quick claim creation and payment tracking. Other ease of use features include customizable help notes for each field on the form and a "create similar claim" function. ICD-10 compatible now which means no updating later.

Live support

We provide live support for as long as you own our product. Let our compentent staff help you with any issues you may have. Custom modifications can be made to our products to help make your proccesing easier.

Purchase Here

The cost for the Smartforms CMS-1500 Pro software is a one time fee of $149.00. This includes electronic delivery so that you may start using the software immediately and licenses for 3 installations.

Electronic Submission

Smartforms pro will automatically batch your completed claims for electronic submission. Ask us about finding a clearing house.


Print Options

CMS1500 pro will print the complete the CMS1500 form on plain paper or on a red medicare form which can be custom aligned for your printer for a perfect fit.

Download Demo

Download a working demo that contains sample information for you to explore the application and enter claims.

Other Software


Smartforms CMS-1500 advanced software completes, saves, prints and batches your claims for electronic submission. Allows for saving of codes and procedure lines for quick editing. $149.


Smartforms CMS-485 software completes, saves and prints the CMS-485 form with editing features and nurses notes. $129.


Smartforms UB-04 Software completes, saves and prints the UB-04 form on plain paper or on a pre-printed form. $119.


Smartforms Dental claim form software allows for completing, saving, and printing the industry standard insurance dental claim form with batching for electronic submission. $119.


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creative work sample

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