PC with Windows 7 Service Pack 2 or later Windows version to operate. For Mac users, click to see the CMS-1500Apple program.

How to download demo

To download the CMS-1500 Software Demo click the “Download Demo” button below. If your computer blocks the download, check and temporally disable all virus protections. Note: some computers run more than one virus protection program simultaneously. If you are unsure of the process to unblock or temporarily disable, go to any search engine and query “how to disable virus protection”

Starting demo

Once the program is successfully downloaded on your computer, the program will open and you will have a CMS-1500 Demo icon on your desktop. You will be able to complete and track your CMS-1500 claims. All the claims generated with the demo will be available for submission in the working software copy once purchased. You will be able to use all functions of the software except claim submission.

Instruction page

Click the INSTRUCTIONS Button to open a new page that will explain how to use the software.

Help and Technical Assistance

The SmartForms support team is available during normal business hours. We welcome your calls and inquiries.

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